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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Football Manager 2013 Base Skins Released

As with recent Football Managers to make certain changes in Football Manager 2013 you are required to add files to the skin folders, whilst this isn't a problem for fan-made skins it is a slight problem if you are using the Default Skins included with the game. So to help people out I have again made some Base Skins for FM2013 that allow you to add and modify the default skins without breaking your game.

Full instructions on when and how to use the Base Skins can be found on the download page, please ensure you read the page in detail before downloading the Base Skins as it will save you problems in the future. 

The main change this year is the introduction of the Football Manager Classic Mode (FMC), the main difference skinning wise is it has it's own skin but other than that it seems to be edited in the same way as the normal skins.

Currently there are two versions of the Base Skin - one for normal FM2013 and the other for the Classic Mode (FMC)

If you have any further questions on the Base Skins please ask any questions in the Skinning Hideout on the Official SIGames Forums.