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Friday, 26 July 2019

Football Manager 2019 - Match Screen Mods Version 2

Yes badly delayed (haven't had much chance to work with FM19 this year) but an updated version of the mod is now out. Main changes include;

- Main IBH panel has now reverted to fixed height panels as over time the heights of the adjustable panels would shift on you, so I have set the two outside panels to be split 50/50 vertically and made the middle two panels full height, if you don't want some of these panels you can hide them by dragging the dividers to reduce the width of the panels to hide them, if you want to adjust the height of the panels then you'll need to do it via the xml files like in the past.

- I have now included editable widgets, you can now freely resize them and can alter the appearances like you can do for the other panels (full instructions are in the links below). If you are using commentary only mode I'd recommend switching over to the widgets view as you have more freedom with the resizing.

- Also note that something changed in one of the patches that has broken the Assistant Feedback panel (though the advice one still works) it no longer sticks to the Human Manager so breaks when you switch from being the Home to Away team, which means you'll need to manually switch it around each match and if it doesn't stick during the match you'll need to reload your skin.

Football Manager 2019 Base Skins - Patch 19.3 Update

A bit on the late side but the Base Skins have now been updated for patch 19.3.

Just includes some minor updates for some colour changes made in the last patch and fixing of the semi-bold font.

There are three versions of the Base Skin - one based on the Default Skin, one based on the Dark Skin and finally one based on the Light Skin for the Full Mode of FM2019.

If you have any further questions on the Base Skins please ask any questions in the Skinning Hideout on the Official SIGames Forums.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Football Manager 2019 Guide - How To Extract the Default Game Files.

This is a simplified version of my main extraction guide, this version is for people who are only wanting to make a couple of changes to the game files (and have likely been directed here from one of my other posts) rather than make a full skin as in this case you don't need the full details from the other guide, though if you are making a skin I'd recommend reading that one instead:

Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 1 - How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure

Friday, 2 November 2018

Football Manager 2019 - Match Screen Mods

Welcome to my Match Screen Mods for Football Manager 2019 I have reworked them this year rolling them into one mod whilst offering more flexibility and some more user friendly customization.

The mod this year incorporates the main Match In Between Highlights mod with the various Match Review Screens.

The IBH panel and its Review panel have both been expanded out to eight panels this year, with each of them fully resizable in game by grabbing the divider between the panels and dragging it until you get the size you want, you can also drag the divider to the corner of the screen to fully hide a panel if you don't need all of them.

For the Half-Time and Full-Time Review Panels these are largely the same as last year with one selectable panel on the left and two on the right.

I have also added in some alternative views for the Overview, Match Stats and Formation which can now be selected like the other views via the drop-down menus in the top right corner, I've also re-worked the Player Rating panels these now use the Full Panel but with the Basic view added in and you can change the views by select the drop-down box on the left of those panels.

And like last year there is only the need for one version of the mod regardless of which skin or even which mode of FM you are using, though some of the information or screens might not show up in the Touch Mode as it doesn't support the same data as the full mode.

And as always outside of the match screen this mod make no changes, so it should be compatible with any skin that hasn't already altered these panels.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Football Manager 2019 Base Skins - Updated for Full Release

With the release of the full game the Base skins have now been updated with the updated game files which has tweaked various colours for each of the skins and updated some of the font files for the Default and Dark Base Skins..

Football Manager 2019 - How To Add a Manager Picture

Like with the last few versions Football Manager 2019 no longer allows you to add a picture to your manager instead encouraging you to use the Facegen system. However last years mod still works so at the moment you can add a manager picture with a bit of work though it may be disabled again in a patch and still has the same limitations as last year.

Thanks to some work from Cyrius50 at www.manager-online.fr it is now possible to add a Manager Picture when adding your Manager to the game, however it isn't possible to apply the picture to existing profiles nor to change the image so make sure you are happy with it before applying it.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Football Manager - Skin Installation Guide

Welcome to the new and improved Football Manager Skins and Graphics Installation Guide.

This part of the guide will show you how to install skins correctly into Football Manager.

For Instructions on how to Install Graphics then please refer to this Guide.

I've tweaked the format this year to try and make it as simple as possible.

First note that these instructions only apply to the Steam version of the game (whether it's a boxed copy, a CD-Key or purchased through Steam) and the instructions are generally the same regardless of your OS or whether it is the Full Mode or Touch Version you are playing and any differences will be noted in the instructions.

Please note you are advised as always to run a virus scan on any file downloaded from the internet.

It is also advisable to read any instructions on the download page for the content you are installing (or found in the readme that comes with the download) as they may contain any extra instructions that are specific to that file.