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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Football Manager 2017 - Match Titlebar Team Names Mod

This is a simple mod that restores the Team Names to the Match Titlebar in Football Manager 2017, and you have two options:

Team Names and Logos:

Team Names and Logos, plus a Competition Logo:

They are designed to work on skins based on the Default FM17 skins, for skins that have a different match titlebar from the default you'll need to modify the files yourself. NOTE: These won't work in FMT mode skins as they don't use this panel.

Please note that if you are playing on a smaller resolution certain options on the action bar might be cut off at certain points, to access the other options you need to left click in the empty space and a dropdown menu will appear like in the second screenshot (which was taken at 1024x768) meaning they are still available to select.

To apply to your game you just need to download the file for which version you want from below, extract the zip file and put the 'match' folder in the panels folder for the skin you are using, if you are using the Default Skin then download the Base Skin, add the file to that skin and switch to the Base Skin in game. (If you have the skin cache on you may need to turn it off and reload your skin for the changes to show up).

Note if the Skin you are using already has a 'match title bar.xml' file you'll need to follow the advanced instructions further down to create the mod on your own as overwriting your skins custom match titlebar may cause problems.

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