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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

FM09 Larger Match Screen Skin

My second skin for Football Manager 2009 is more of a mod - it is designed to maximise the amount of screen space given to the match pitch and is based upon my match screen modifications from my Netbook09 skin.

The match screen skin can also be easily edited so it will work with various other skins released by the community.


First Screenshot shows default modification.

Second Screenshot compares mod to the default pitch size at 1024x768. (Different Resolutions and different pitches will have different results) Red rectangle shows position and size of pitch with default skin, Blue rectangle shows same pitch size but with mod applied:

Third Screenshot shows mod applied to the Klasa skin, whilst Fourth shows modification applied to the Skymning Skin:

Fifth Screenshot shows Version of the skin with the Timebar re-enabled, showing the same pitch from Image #2 the Red Rectangle is the pitch size in the default skin, the Blue Rectangle is now the pitch size using the Mod Skin with the Timebar, the Yellow Rectangle is the pitch size using the Mod Skin without the Timebar.

Please read the instructions on the download page to install and apply the skin, and to apply the modification to other skins.