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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Football Manager 2015 - Replacement Stars

With the release of the Light Alternative Full Mode Skin for Football Manager 2015 I've found that the default Gold Stars don't really fit with the skin so I created some replacement stars, there are two packs available a pack of Blue Stars and a pack of Green Stars, both packs will work fine with either Full Mode skins or FMC skins.

Installation Instructions:

Extract the files from the zip file and place the extracted graphics folder inside the folder for the skin you are using, if you are using the Default Skins you will need to first download the Base Skin, add the new stars to that and then switch to the Base Skin in game.

Once you have added the stars you may need to turn off the skin cache and reload your skin from the Preferences -> Interface Menu in game to get your changes to load in game.

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