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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Football Manager 2018 Match In-Between Highlights Mod

If you have downloaded the last few versions of this mod you should know what to do by now, though I have made a few changes this year but the instructions are largely the same.

So as you may have noticed the match screens have been redesigned in Football Manager 2018 which is actually a good thing for this mod as we now have more room to work with and the base coding is a lot similar to my coding than in previous years so I've been able to spend my time improving the individual panels instead of having to get it working in the first place.

As a change this year I have gone back to the Split Containers which allows you to adjust the width of the containers in game which allows you to more easily customize them to fit the content you want to display and your resolution, unfortunately you cannot adjust the height of the right panels in game that still needs to be done through editing the files.

To resize the panels just grab the divider between them and drag until they are the size you want, if you want to get rid of one of the containers just drag the line to the corner of the screen so it disappears.

Also thanks to the changes there is only the need for one version of the mod regardless of which skin or even which mode of FM you are using, though some of the information or screens might not show up in the Touch Mode as it doesn't support the same data as the full mode.

And as always outside of the match screen this mod make no changes, so it should be compatible with any skin that hasn't already altered these panels.

FM18 Match in Between Highlights Mods Download Page

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